Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – open training, Timișoara

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Until 15 May, 2024

1200 €

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Until 25 June, 2024

1700 €

Training length

  • 01.07.2024 - 05.07.2024; 09:00 - 17:00
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Training location

This training will take place in Timișoara, at "Casa Calfelor" Kolping Vezi harta

About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a highly-regarded and well-proven approach to business process improvement. It is employed extensively in manufacturing and increasingly in service businesses, including Banks, Financial Services and Healthcare. Lean Six Sigma enables teams within the business to engage in continual improvement – working to make the business more effective and more efficient.

The Green Belt Course

The ‘Green Belt’ is a practitioner’s course delivered during one full-time week. This course will enable attendees to identify then execute high-value improvement projects within their organisation.

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a proven route to becoming a practitioner of business process improvement. The course introduces the many ‘tools’ of Lean Six Sigma and shows how these fit together into a framework for lasting and valuable change in organisations.

The course is high-energy, engaging, creative and designed to be realistic and representative of real improvements projects within organisations. During the course week you will engage in an end-to-end process improvement project enabling you to practice use of all key tools and methods. During workshop sessions you will improve a realistic process using the tools of Lean Six Sigma. So you will gain valuable experience of doing Lean Six Sigma as well as knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The course provides maximum, useful, actionable information in the shortest possible time. The course will teach you the key ways of thinking and problem solving for business process improvement. We introduce a structure and method for dealing with issues of effectiveness and efficiency within your organisation and for fixing the problems that are identified.

The Green Belt course includes detailed instruction and workshop based practice on all key Lean Six Sigma problem solving tools including:

 VoC : Interviews Operational Definitions Dot Voting / £100 analysis
VoC : Survey Measurement Plan Pugh Matrix
 VoC : Workshop Data collection tools Visual Management tools
CTQ requirements Spaghetti Diagram Kanban
PACE Project prioritisation Ishikawa / Fishbone Checklists
RASIC Waste identification 5-S
In-scope / out-of-scope Frame 5-Whys FMEA
Stakeholder Power / Interest Grid Value added / Non-value added Poka-Yoka
Stakeholder management Introduction to  Value Stream Mapping Training Plan
Risk Management Brainstorming Communication Plan
Key charts: Histogram, Pareto, Scatter, Box-plots, Basic Control Charting Descriptive statistics: measures of centre and distribution Statistical Analysis: Hypothesis testing

The Green Belt course will equip you to begin to practise Lean Six Sigma in your organisation and to affect significant and meaningful change.
In addition to the one-week face-to-face element, the course features a self-paced, on-line video component. This covers the key statistical methods and charting techniques employed in Lean Six Sigma. Self-paced learning has proven to be the most effective method of acquiring these specific skills.


Figure 1 : Rigorous, collaborative methods to select the best projects and solutions

Figure 2 : Multiple methods to capture process information – both simple and comples

Figure 3 : Classic Methods of to Understand the Root Causes of Problems

Figure 4 : Hypothesis Trees to Support Deep Thinking around Problems and Drive Potential Solutions

About the trainer

Dr. Robert Collins is a business consultant and educator who has been delivering courses through the University of Oxford for over 25 years. 

His extensive experience, gained through consulting activities with both public entities (British government) and private entities (Smiths Industries, GM Finance, GMAC, Lockheed Martin), has helped him develop an extensive and highly applicable training for Lean Six Sigma, a subject he passionately speaks about. 

The beneficiaries of his courses have succeeded in implementing significant and lasting changes in their organizations, thereby improving their businesses.

Additional information

This program will run over the course of 5 days, in Timișoara, at Casa Calfelor Kolping. Participants to the training will receive more specific guidelines and logistical details prior to the kick-off of the course.

The training will be delivered in English.

The Lean Six Sigma course will be highly interactive, with many practical examples and activities.

The course will mostly focus on skills, methods and tools that everybody can use in their organisation and in workshop sessions.

Included in the fee:

  • full access to the 5 days of training
  • delivery of this program by Dr. Robert Collins, business consultant and educator who has been delivering courses through the University of Oxford for over 25 years
  • participation certificate
  • lunch and coffee breaks on the training days

The quoted fees are not VAT inclusive.

Organizations that sign up multiple participants may benefit from discounts:

  • 5% discount for the 2nd participant
  • 10% discount for the 3rd participant

For those companies that are already Ascent clients we offer an additional 10% discount to the fee.

Please contact us for more information.

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